If you’re like a lot of basketball fans, March Madness is an annual watching ritual.  Filling out your bracket and then watching it go up in flames, there’s nothing like it.  Watching all the games though can be hard depending on what TV options you have.

A lot of people the past few years have cut the cord on cable/satellite TV so instead of having access to the 4 channels you need for all the games (TRU TV, TBS, TNT, and CBS) they only have access to CBS.

CBS though has come up with a solution, one that’s especially easy if you own a Roku.  There’s now a March Madness live channel that has a selectable stream of all current games.  This allows you to switch between games pretty easily, moving from close game to close game.

At home I have Dish Network, so I automatically get all the channels above.  In my outbuilding though, I have internet but no satellite available.  I use a roku + TV + internet stream to get all the games out there while watching.  You get the first three hours free but after that you’ll have to pay unfortunately.

If you don’t have a roku but do have a laptop, you can go to NCAA.com to watch all the games live.  I’m not sure if there’s a limit like the Roku on how long you can watch the games, but I’m guessing it’s the same three hour limit.

What other options do you have?  You can get a streaming service free trial from:


Playstation Vue


Youtube TV

Those are all pretty expensive though with most of them $30 to $40 a month, so if you go over the free trail you’re going to pay quite a bit.  You’re probably safer with one of the other options.

Hopefully this info has helped you watch March Madness online this year.





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