If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for years for a reliable way to track shots. I tried Shottracker for a while but the problem with it is that it didn’t show your location on the court. It also had issues with not being 100% accurate all the time with attempts and makes, depending on your form.

Homecourt is quite possibly the coolest app I’ve ever used on my iPhone. It’s really good. Mind blowingly good honestly. I mounted it on a tripod and used this to hold the phone (Amazon affiliate link below):

iPhone camera mount

The tripod I used was this one:

Amazon Basics Tripod

I first set it up for my son so he could track his free throw shooting. Luckily I had a tripod and a device to hold the phone from another project. Once you hook in the phone and go through some app settings (where it finds the lines on your court and stuff), you’re ready to shoot. It tracks your makes, misses, location on the court, streaks, etc.

I originally downloaded it for my son so he could track his free throw shooting. Kids are notoriously bad at counting things and this was finally a good way to count for him. It also tells how long it took them, I can actually see that I shoot 100 free throws twice as fast as him (15 mins vs 30 mins). I included a video it took of his longest streak (yes, it actually does that for you).

Social Features

On top of the counting of shots, it also has a lot of outstanding social features, like achievements for certain things and being able to see your friend’s accomplishments.

The leader boards are cool but not very accurate for some things. Like 3 point streak, if you go and watch it you can tell that clearly the app did not recognize the 3 point line correctly and that the person is actually just shooting 2 footers. The cool thing is that since it takes video of all streaks, you can actually see how these people did it. Otherwise, you might be questioning how someone possibly shot made 350 3 pointers in a row (which is currently the top spot on the leader board).

There’s also a team feature so everyone on your team can compete together. It would take a little coordination but could lead to some awesome competition.

homecourt app free throws
homecourt app free throws

Shot Analysis

If you pay the extra monthly fee (I think $7.99 as of this writing) you can get shot analysis information as well. This is the kind of information that normal comes from smart balls (like rotation, arc, speed, etc) but is built into the app. I think this information could be pretty useful if you know how to use it, but probably isn’t worth it if you can’t capitalize on it.


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