If you’ve been to a sporting goods store lately looking for a basketball, you’ve probably noticed that there are huge walls or racks filled with 100’s of different balls.  It’s mind numbing looking at them, trying to figure out which is the best one to get.  Luckily, I’ve been through this same experience over and over the past few years, and have finally figured out some of the best basketballs to buy.

Enter the Wilson Evolution Basketball

My son used to use a variety of different basketballs in grade school.  These included a Spalding NBA ball and a Wilson NCAA ball.  The Spalding NBA ball was pretty nice, he still uses it.  The Wilson NCAA ball though wasn’t that great.  It just feels a lot different and doesn’t seem as high quality as the NBA ball or the Evolution ball.

The Evolution ball was the 3rd nice ball that my son tried.  Initially he didn’t like it as much because it was slicker than the previous two balls he had, which were much more tackier in their grip.  The leather on the Evolution ball was of a much higher standard than the other two balls, as we’ve used them the Evolution ball still looks really nice and feels brand new while the other two balls changed some in feel as the tackiness wore off.

The one nice thing about the ball is that it’s very popular at gyms, so if you’re playing with it at home or practice, when you get to a game you might be using that same ball.  That will give you a leg up during the game, shooting with a ball that doesn’t feel natural to you always leads to trouble dribbling or grabbing the ball.

You can find the ball at Dick’s Sporting Good’s here:

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball 28.5

It comes in both 28.5 (women’s) and 29.5 (men’s) sizes.

I’m actually using it a lot now in my Shoot-A-Way 10k.  I’ve got 4 of them in there.  The review I linked has videos which show it in action.  They work really well in there and don’t mark up much.


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